Higher Education

School of Performing Arts, Virginia Tech

Graduate Committee Member, Master of Fine Arts program in Arts Leadership (5 students). 2015-present
Instructor, “Leadership & Community Engagement.” 2014-present
Instructor, “Introduction to Acting.” 2011, 2012
Teaching Assistant, “Introduction to Acting.” 2010

Co-Designer, Virginia Tech

History, Modern & Classical Languages and Literatures, “Islam, Art, and Social Change.” 2018
English (Creative Writing), Sociology, “Arts and Social Transformation.” 2017

Guest Lecturer, Virginia Tech

Corps of Cadets, “CorpsLab.” 2018, 2019
English, Sociology, “Arts and Social Transformation.” 2017 Theatre Arts, “Arts Marketing.” 2015
Hospitality & Tourism Management, “Cultural Event Tourism.” 2015

Secondary Education

Teach for America Corps Member, New York City. 2007-2009
Teacher, Dual Language Middle School (M.S. 247), English Language Arts (7th Grade). 2008-2009
Teacher, The School of Integrated Learning (M.S. 354), English Language Arts (8th Grade). 2007-2008
Instructor, Danville Center for Adolescent Males, Danville, PA. 2007
Assistant to Teacher/Resident Assistant, Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts, Erie, PA. 2006